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Spice Up a Shelf with Cork!

  I like cork. There I said it. Well, I do. If used tastefully I think cork can add a touch of "je nu sais quoi". Which literally means, I don't know what - but sounds great to us Americans. Perhaps I don't know the term I'm looking for but in this instance it looks great. For instance I have a Stainless Steel Tea Pot with a Cork handle. Looks Great! It also feels and looks more manly for some reason. To me anyway. And we are going to use cork in this project. A project so simple I was hesitant to even post it. It's nothing new and anyone can do it. No real special tools required. A good sharp blade in a utility knife and a straight edge to cut along and tape measure is all you really need. Of course you need a shelf to put it on. And someone tossed out the shelf I'm going to apply it to. After I make the necessary repairs and paint it of course... 

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