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Razor e300 Electric Scooter - Completed

As stated in my last post the Micro Shop is for now shut down. Though I wasn't able to go to the lengths I planned on going with this Razor e300 electric scooter project, I decided to just get it back up and running with minimal mods. Post it for sale to recoup the costs and give me more room packing things into a smaller area.

I didn't take a bunch of pics to show you,b enough to show you the obvious things. Words alone will take you through the rest which are simple and can be used as reference if you're doing these repairs yourself to your Razor e300.

What you can't see is I upgraded the batteries from the stock 7ah batteries to 9ah batteries. This in theory gives a 28% increase in run time hence a longer distance.

The batteries I purchased are made by Power Sonic. They're suppose to be a good name. Purchased on Amazon, they cost a little more than others but shipped fast and I actually received them the next day after ordering them. Which was a surprise.

I was…

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