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DIY Dual Purpose Platform Bird Feeder

The above Platform Bird Feeder serves not only as a platform to feed the birds but a place to hang potted plants. Though the person I made it for had an existing one made of the same size, the above is my take on making the same type feeder. I will go over how the original one was made as well as the one I made as there are a number of differences in the two.

In general both consist of a 3 foot by 3 foot bird feed platform mounted on a 4x4 post with a place to hang potted plants on the underside. Even though both are designed for the same purpose, to provide a place to put bird feed and a means to hang plants, other than the 3x3 piece of plywood the platform construction and mounting method are completely different. And as mentioned we'll take a look at both and you can build yours however you like.

The Mounting Post:

Since both builds use the same mounting post we can get that out the way. In this case it's a Pressure Treated 4x4, eight foot in length. Mounting height from th…

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