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Vintage Hip Toolbox Restoration Completed!

I started this restoration project a couple months back and despite all the issues that arose during the course, it's finally completed and ready for it's unveiling. As to be put up for sale. 😀 Which is sale will help pay for future projects.

For first time visitors to my Blog you may want to read Part 1 and Part 2 of this restoration project which shows further details of the actual restoration process. In this blog post I'll just be showing the results and custom features.

I made a short walk around video you can watch below for those interested.

And here are some still shots and the details.

The exterior has 3 coats of Rust-Oleum Cobalt Blue Metallic base coat and 3 coats of TransStar 2K Gloss Clear Coat.

There was a reaction between the 2k Clear Coat and the Rust-Oleum Cobalt Blue Metallic base coat in which the only way to repair it would be to strip it and repaint it, which I was not willing to spend the time let alone the money on doing.  Blocking it the clear coa…

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