With the Holidays just around the corner I thought I'd share a couple completely free HD and UHD stock video sources I stumbled upon that you can use to increase your skill set with.

A very generous donation of some really good quality footage can be found over at BeachfrontBRoll.com

Christmas Bubble Light Cinemagraph
All the footage is in 1080 HD. There's no sign up, no bs, no popups, simply pick a category, select the one you like, right click and download it. All free to use in your projects under the creative commons license.

You'll find categories from general footage to Animals, Nature, Food and Drink, Holidays, Time-lapse and HDR, to VJ Loops. Including a small variety of cinemagraphs as shown on in this post, created from the same stock videos offered on the site.

Another cinemagraph by Beach from footage he offers at BeachfrontBRoll.com
shows the quality you can expect.

Thin Smoke cinemagraph by 'Beach'
created from the same free smoke stock footage found on his site.

What's cool is "Beach", the person behind the camera and site, lets you know what camera and lens was used in taking the shot. And in some cases, additional info such as what plugins, or frame rate is given.

Great HD footage to be used for learning new software or techniques or projects if you have the need.

Be sure to say Thanx to Beach for his generosity and perhaps even share a link to something you created from his footage with him.

The second source I wanted to turn you onto you may or may not have known about, is an extremely generous donation of 18 Terabytes of 4k and 5k UHD footage for your creative pleasure.

The generous person behind all this footage is entrepreneur and film producer Frederick Tschernutter,  who shot all the footage on a Red One and a RED Epic camera, and donated it as a free download to the filmmaking community last year (2014).

Most seem to be short but nice clips, some examples of the footage can be seen below.

And again no bs, no popups with the exception of what pops up in the preview video on YouTube. All previews of the footage can be found on the YouTube channel IRIS32FREE 4K UHD FREE FOOTAGE. You'll find the footage download links in the description of the video.

I'm sure there are plenty of note worthy resources for stock footage online, I rarely use stock footage except for increasing my skill set at this point so I don't know that many. If you know of one that is completely free with no sign ups or bs involved, feel free to post a link in the comments section.

Until next time...
Keep pushing the limits and trying new things.

Happy Holidays to you and yours

- chase -

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