Having picked up a used Toshiba C55-B laptop a week ago with Win 8.1 installed I succumbed to the nag screen to update to Win 10. Which by the way, the update process went smooth as silk. All files right where I left them as MS stated they would be.

First Impression: Love it! Windows 10 has my kind of interface. A clean desktop. And was noticeably running faster off the wire on my laptop which though maxed out, has only 8g of ram.
Gone are things I use to have to un-install like - the fracking games. Thank you very much!

Replacing games is the Xbox app. Even though I'm not a big gamer, lets face it, Xbox games are a tad more appealing and inviting to play than a game of Solitaire.

Xbox app Windows 10
Screenshot credit: HDDigital.net

You can check out some more screenshots to get an idea of a few of the games and current stream quality versus native over at DualShockers.com. Heck, I might get in on a little of that action myself.

And yes there are other bundled apps. But nothing like I use to see with XP or I more accurately, at least not from what I've seen so far from Microsoft directly.

Windows new browser Edge, though lacking some features as far as settings and user control, is fast, sleek and gives all the real estate to the viewing port with minimal obstruction. And can be slimmed even further. Yes!

It also comes with Flash player pre-installed. And if you think that is cool, wait till you check out  Web Note which I used out of the gate. If you're into web development, great tool to have. The only thing I didn't "like" was not being able to delete the Bing search engine. But certainly not something I can't live with either since you can easily add other search engines.

IE 11 is still there, and useful, like a  browser work truck. Use it when you need it as it has ad blockers, etc.

With only Windows 10 installed, this is one bad ass OS. It "feels" great! Like driving a newly designed sports car. It's the first Windows version I've really liked immediately.

Second Impression (one week post install...): In as much as my hardware and I like the new Win 10 as an OS. I rely on 3rd party apps for my computer and cg needs as most of us do. Issues started showing up once I started loading in my graphics and av software. Others are inherent to Windows 10.

If considering the update to Win 10 just be aware, once you install your favorite apps, they may or may not work as they should at this time, if they install at all. In the future, just as in the past, many issues will be ironed out, after all, Windows 10 is barely 6 months old at this point. Dev teams on both sides have to iron out the glitches and compatibility issues.

Some apps may simply require you to right click and choose "Run as Administrator" in order for them to work or be installed. I found some of my "new older" apps required this step in order to load or run correctly. So try that first before you whine about something not running.

Due to some issues I read about over in the Adobe forums I haven't tried to install After Effects yet. From what I've read there are issues with both the new release of Premiere CC and After Effects CC on Win10. The problem as stated from those with first hand knowledge, seems to be with missing DLL's and Audio or Graphics Driver updates or compatibility. And other A/V apps had similar issues. These are priority issues and I'm sure they are working to resolve them quickly. So they may have been resolved by the time you're reading this post.

Since my Toshiba laptop is not suited to use as a full fledged A/V or 3D workstation I'm not going to load a ton of software on it, new, old or otherwise. But I have loaded up some of my apps as well as apps that are either new to me or an alternatives to my favorite software. That said, personally I was successful with a couple A/V composting apps. I've never used them before, but what a great excuse to take them for a drive and learn how to use them.

What I have installed thus far:

Natron 2.0 RC4 x64 you need to run the installer as Admin. or you will get error messages. Being new to me, I haven't really dove into Natron yet to find out what does or what does not work, if anything, but I can't wait to give it try in the pipeline.

Black Magic's Fusion 7.7.1 x64: No problem installing or in use thus far. Another app that is new to me and my knowledge at this time limited. I haven't tried to do anything other than basic composting at this point. So far, so good though.

I haven't tried Nuke or Hitfilm but may in the future. If you have, please post in the comments any issues you may or may not have run into.

Adobe's Photoshop CS 5.1 Extended (x86): Right click "Run the app as Administrator" or it errors out and won't load. Other than that, no issues thus far.

Blender 3D Portable v2.76 x64: No issues thus far. Runs fine. Renders fine.

Cinema 4D R17.032 x64 (student version): One exception error message showed up relating to a server version. This only happened after I installed QuickTime Pro and Arnold Renderer. Other than that I've used both the standard and physical render engine with stock sample scenes with out issue.

Solid Angle's Arnold Renderer x64 for Cinema 4D R17 -  No Problems on the install. However it only "kinda" worked - glitches all over the place.. I'm not sure what the issue is. I really wanted to try this app but when going through some simple settings the results I got were not the same as seen in various tutorials. Not even close. Whether this is a Win10 compatibility issue or may be due to the type version of C4D I have (student educational) or something else, I'm not sure yet.

Imageline's FL Studio Signature 12.1.2 x64: Right click on the installer and "Run as Administrator". I loaded up a project that was pretty large and used a ton of effects, instruments, etc.  No errors popped up. So...

Python 2.7.11 and 3.5.1 x64: Install normally, all seems well.

Wacom Bamboo MTE-450 Drivers: No problems... installed and works as it's suppose to with Windows ink and Edge.

Various Legacy Apps: Various apps had various issues. The older they are, a year or two, the more they had it seemed. Some didn't work at all. Which totally sucks considering the cost of some of these apps.

Win 10 Tweaks: I'm not going to go into a bunch of tweaks for Win 10. There's a slew of them that I've looked into, and honestly having skipped everything in between XP and 10, I'm excited at the possibilities. To me, tweaking, deleting and making changes is really a personal thing. You tailor things to your need, your software, your hardware. Hopefully you know what you're doing and more importantly how to un-do what you did. It takes time to dial it in.

In a short week I made a couple observations you may want to change. You may not want to or need to change anything.

Personally and for this comp, one tweak that I found I had to do after a few days was to "turn off" the peer-to-peer setting for Windows Update and Store. This is done in your Windows Auto Update settings.

By default it is set to on. Which didn't effect my laptop the first few days but did a few days later. It triggers the Runtime Broker.exe which in my case sucked up a heavy percentage of CPU and Memory and all but shut down my internet connection. And locked up when I used Airplane mode. Finally when I turned off the WiFi to reset the connection, it triggered an exception error.

How you shut it off or change the setting is simple and if you feel it's something you need or want to do, there is a nice instruction and explanation of the choices you can make regarding the settings found over at How to Geek.com. I chose to shut mine completely off and my laptop calmed down again.

Though not really a tweak you may or may not want to activate the Admin account. By default it's not activated and if you don't need to, don't bother. I did so briefly then turned it off again as I really haven't needed it yet since I'm still feeling my way around Win 10. If you want to activate the Administrator account instructions can be found HERE.

A note about the Admin account in Win 10, it doesn't seem like a full Admin account from what I saw. Internet is disabled. Which is interesting. And you can't delete folders that have system ownership or require system rights.

Summary thus far:
All said and done, I still believe Microsoft has a winner with 10. My hats off to their dev team. And a thank you goes out to MS for the zero cost upgrade. For me personally Windows 10 brought back desire to computing again. Now if the hardware companies follow suit... I can happily get back to digital creating again.

Speaking of creating... Inside Win 10 you'll happily find some pretty cool wallpapers just begging for your personal artistic mod. Below is one such take, which you are welcome to download and use on your comp, made by yours truly on a whim the first day I installed Win 10 (using a portable graphics editor). So imagine what you can do with them.

Click to enlarge in a new window then save as
Windows 10 Wallpaper Mod
How the Win 10 wallpapers were made is even more interesting. Microsoft collaborated with San Francisco-based design director Bradley G. Munkowitz aka GMUNK to create them.  Here's a behind the scenes look at how they were created.

Given all they put into the creation of the Win 10 wallpapers as you can see via the video above. Perhaps this is an indicator that Microsoft has plans to gear this version of Windows more towards CG and AV creation than Office apps. In retrospect, more likely towards Gaming given the Xbox app, but still CG and A/V Artists would reap the benefits.

Which on a side note, and just thinking out loud so to speak, also might explain the missing dll's some apps have run into like AE and Premiere. I remember the same issue come to think of it with a stripped down version of XP I tweaked and gutted out originally for gaming. It ran so good that I used it as a base for when I got into CG. AE from what I remember did show errors of missing dll's. A few other apps as well...

No matter the case, once compatibility issues are resolved, even if geared towards gaming, this could be the version all AV and CG artists have been longing for. After all, in today's age, who isn't into A/V or CG editing? Everyone edits, creates and uploads 3D, video, photo's, audio and so on. Even the gamers. More so than they do spread sheets and office docs.
Just saying...

We'll see what the future holds.

Till then - keep rendering

- chase -


  1. Window 10 not work good if u wanna to update your PC use window 7 and XP these two works good.

    1. WinXP is no longer supported.
      Win7 is legacy and one I skipped over entirely.

      Software is designed with new hardware in mind. If you want to update your computer to new hardware you generally want to use the latest OS.

      If you are talking about putting Win10 and a 10 year old legacy machine. You might be better off going with a legacy OS. A machine designed for or that originally had WinXP on it, is really too old for Win10 to run properly. I've tried it on one of my older machines and it doesn't work well anymore than Win7 or Win8 did.
      In which case I simply turned it into a Linux machine.

      At some point you're going to have to bite the bullet and purchase an up to date machine. Whether Laptop or Desktop.

      I made my decision to upgrade my hardware after trying Win10 which in my view point, is the new XP in many regards. The first OS from Microsoft since WinXP I truly enjoy.

      But, to each his or her own.