Wishing you and yours the Happiest Holidays.

And in the spirit of giving and spreading some cheer, below you'll find some Cinema 4D gifts in the way of free models, generators, plugins, Xpresso rigs, lighting rigs and materials for Cinema 4D I stumbled upon and thought I would share.

Merry Christmas,
and a Happy New Year to all.

- chase -

Christmas Tree Model from Cinema4DTutorials.net

Free Christmas Tree Model for Cinema 4D

Download it HERE.

MagicXTree generator plugin from Nitro4D.

Get it HERE.

The latest version of the CSmidt Topo Generator Xpresso set by Richard Squires.

Download it HERE.

EasyLine Xpresso driven spline tools to animate lines, linear and bezier by SlouchCorp.

Get it HERE.

Strobe, Pulse and Flicker Xpresso by Scott Frizzle.

More info HERE.
Download it HERE.

1000 Materials for Cinema 4D, another great gift from Cinema4DTutorial.net.

Download the pack HERE.

A sweet IPhone 6 scene/model for C4D and Octane by Raphael Rau over at Silverwing-VFX.de you may have missed.

Download it HERE.

New version of the Lego Generator (Xpresso) by Kucici over at Grafikuj.pl in Polish, English and Spanish.

Download v1.0.67 HERE. (download on the right)
Couple notes from kucici (in English):
If you want make bricks editable, you have to turn on object tree in Layers (M column), then select them all (with childrens), make editable and repeat it few times. Then you will be able to connect it to single object.
I have to find soloution for this ;)

Library should be pasted into the \library\browser folder. Generator will appear in the Content Browser. You can choose english or polish language.

- added building options,
- added automatic naming of the material,
- minor optimizations.

How to add more bricks:
- for separated material for each brick, you need to add a new brick from the Content Browser to a list of objects,
- if bricks have to be with the same material, just copy and paste a brick which is already added to scene.

- for different material for each brick, you just need to copy and paste a brick which is already added to scene,
- if bricks have to be with the same material (but different color), just copy and paste brick, then select those, that you want to change a color and do it in LEGO Generator preferences.

¡¡¡Boing!!! a Cinema 4D Python preset that allows you to animate an object with controllable amounts of bounce and randomness by Patrick Gerke.

Watch the tutorial and download it HERE.

The Illuminati by Gustavo Maia over at MyMotionGraphics.tv is more than your average lighting setup I think you'll enjoy.

Read more info and download it HERE.

Last but certainly not least, a gift of knowledge in the form of a really nice tutorial with scene file by Orestis Konstantinidis entitled:
Scorpions Swarm Tutorial: The Ottoman Edition

Inspired by the short film "The Ottoman", a tutorial on how to make a swarm of scorpions crawling on a surface using Cinema 4D and CMotion.
Download the C4D R16 scene file HERE.
View the Ottoman Kick Starter Project HERE.

I want to take a little space here to personally thank all that created these great gifts and many others not posted here through out the year and sharing their creations selflessly with the C4D community. I wish them and theirs the Happiest of Holidays.  Again, Thank you!

And thank you to those visiting my meager blog, I hope you enjoyed it thus far and perhaps learned some things here and there along the way as I have.

Happy Holidays everyone,

- chase -

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