Being a tech gear head, a software junkie and totally into digital creation can have a draw back when outside and away from a power source. Then along came Portable Solar Chargers. One of those being the Goal Zero Nomad 7 or in my case the Goal Zero Guide 10 kit.

It has great packaging.
It has a real nice quality look about it when you open it up.
It's got great reviews all over the web.
It's also has a Premium price tag.

What it doesn't have or come with, is a stand for it to sit on while charging your device. As many don't, I was to discover. A major flaw in my opinion.

But...! I found one that will work perfectly not only with the Goal Zero but others as well. And it'is light weight, folds up, making it portable, is adjustable at all angles and best of all, the cost is under $5.

Now I will admit - having to even look for a solution, kinda ticks me off, since as I mentioned, you pay a premium for a 7 watt 17-18 percent efficient solar panel with a 4 AA or AAA battery charger. What happened to a $1 a watt retail?! Wholesale for these panels depending on the wattage maxes out at $1.50 a watt. So wtf? Anyway... I bought it (on sale) and BTW - most major stores are now dropping the Goal Zero product line... which is whopping $17.80 a watt including the 4 AAA pack. And still $10 a watt less the battery pack.

At the current price they are asking, they should have come up with and included a solution. I mean, we're not talking rocket science here, and it didn't take me that long to find an inexpensive and portable solution.

They obviously put a ton of thought into the marketing value of the package. They tell you in the instructions flat is just Okay when using it. And the "Best" angle to get the most out of the unit is when it's at a 45% angle to the Sun. So... the package design took priority over actual use and what would have cost them maybe $.75 cents wholesale to add a stand for it in the package. I'm just saying it folks...

What ever - rant over, Solution found. And leave it to one such artist of the world to have found such a solution. (You might want to make note of this Goal Zero as well as so might other Portable Solar Charger providers)

I present to you the Studio Decor 5 inch 3 leg Easel. Which you can find at Micheal's Arts and Craft for $3.99

They also make a two leg version but it won't hold it ( I tried it) so don't waste your time getting that one.

It's rubber coated steel - and surprisingly light weight 1.5oz if I remember correctly.

As you can see above it folds up nicely.

Here it is un-folded beside the Goal Zero and Guide 10 4 battery pack at the ready for re-purposing.

Now lets take a look at the Goal Zero Guide 10 not sitting in the dirt or against a one sided rock getting all scratched up as Goal Zero would have it. But sitting nicely on a stand.

First at a High angle:

Now at a Medium Angle:

And now at a Low Angle:

And it fits nicely in the back pocket of the Goal Zero with all the other accessories and and extra cord I added in:

I rest my case - Artists prove once again that they can not only design a great package. But can come up with a solution for what manufacturers didn't put in the package.

And here is a crappy gif I did showing it at various angles.

Now you can get the most of your Goal One Solar charger and many other Portable Solar Chargers that negated to add a stand in the package with the charger, at any time of the day.

As you can see the 5 watt Portable Solar Charger by Thunderbolt I picked up at Harbor Freight also sits nicely on this easel.

Until next time
Keep rendering - and rendering in UHD.

- chase -

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