While researching some things for an experimental idea dealing with displays I stumbled upon some interesting posts on the web that deal with LCD monitors and how to either test them or fix a problem with them. I thought I'd share them with you.

The first site was LCDparts.net. On their support page they they provide an on-line means of inspecting your new or used monitor for Lines, Color Uniformity, Pressure Marks and Dead or Stuck Pixels. You can also do this offline, but hey they made it easy and quick so why not check it now?

To do so open the following page:

You'll be opening the following solid color page

Go to full screen mode to have the solid red color cover your monitor.
But going through each color you'll be able to inspect for Lines, Color Uniformaty, Pressure Marks and Dead or Stuck Pixels on your screen.

From what I understand - The Red and White will show pressure marks the best. Black the Stuck Pixels and of course all for color uniformity.

As mentioned you could do this on your own off-line with a simple solid image of the various colors. And I can see this come in handy if you are looking to buy a second hand monitor.

Now say  you see a stuck pixel - (either always bright or always dark), how do you fix it?

DigitalTrends has a multi-page post on "How to Revive a Dead Pixel" which includes several ways to attempt to do so including a hands-on, Windows, On-Line, Android, and iOS method.

I hope you found these of some interest if not useful.

- chase -

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