Last night I made a few CG Arena icons and have uploaded them in case they appeal to you. If they do, feel free to use them for your website or blog. My small way of giving back and ending 2013 on a positive note.

CG Arena Icon 02 in jpg and png

They are 128x128 in both jpeg and png transparency. The jpegs are all with a black background. And obviously all the pngs have a transparent background.

You can download the 96kb  rar file which includes all eight of them HERE or jump over to my Google sites download page and grab them there.

Hope you all have a Happy New Year,

See you next year,
~ chase ~

Edit: I added another variation. I'm making some ico's for my cell.

So here is another in jpeg format -black background - 64x64.

click the image and save as.

And for those interested the logo for this and many others I've done are made via bézier curves.

And here is A Primer on Bézier Curves if you are interested.

Happy New Year.

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