Gosh, It's been a long while since I posted here to Blogger.

I've been out of the 3D and Arts circle for a while. WAY too long! I miss it all so much.
Same with my music... man I really miss that.

But that doesn't mean I haven't been trying to be creative, just in other ways. Toying with some new avenues.

One thing I did was pick up an RC Heli, actually 2 of them and a RC Hydroplane
- trying to get airborne to bring my video skill set to new heights. (pun intended)

Here's a pic of my Exceed Blue Ray PE about in the middle of some mods and upgrades.

She's electric and holds a GoPro Hero III Black nicely.

Getting into Hot Wire foam cutting to make some custom Heli/Quad stuff. I made the power supply and some tools. And started working on a vertical foam cutter board.

Anyway - for those that stop by here. I thought a quick update to the blog was in order while online. (Posting some things on Craigslist to hopefully get that new comp I really need.)

I should be back on-board with my 3D - Music and Photography again as soon as I lighten my load and get that new comp I'm after.

And hopefully if I don't crash these RC vehicles - well even if I do - I hope to be upping some pretty cool videos taken via air and perhaps sea as well.

Talk soon all! 'till then,
Happy Rendering.

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