Since I use various softwares, I often forget some of the simple stuff that you may have set once and forget when you want to change it again. In this case, where and how to set the Blender Units or BU's as they abreviate it on and how to scale the project. Which I had to ask via the forums at how to do so again.

Hence this quick tip.

Blender 3D v2.6x's Blender Unit is default to none. It can be set by going to the panel to the right in the default Blender interface. Click the scene icon at the top. You'll see a heading entitle UNITS as the following image shows:

You have a choice of "None", "Metric" or "Imperial" which is Inchs or Feet.

Scaling will be greyed out until you select either Metric or Imperial.

Like so...

As well you'll see a check box next to the option to Seperate Units as you can see in the above image.
This will set it to display the units as it states in pairs. eg 1m 0cm

Once either  Metric or Imperial is selected you can now scale your project.

You can also scale the project on the left panel as well during import.

I also posted a Quck Tip on how to set the Dispaly Units and Project Scale in Cinema 4D R13 as well.

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