Some might use Cinema 4D and forget as I did recently on how to set the units to be displayed in Cinema 4D R13. And I went over how to do this in another post but thought what the heck, I'll make this a seperate Quick Tip post. So here it is.

Cinema 4D has many different units of measure to choose from. Meters, Centimeters, Inches, Feet, Yards, Kilometers, Miles etc.

The default from what I remember is Meters.

How you set/change the unit to be displayed is easy to do as it is to forget how to do. So here is how:

Go to Edit -> User Preferences -> Units

As seen below:

Above you can see all the choices you have. Select which ever you prefer. Once you do if you have your default interface open, you might as well close C4D and reopen it now. I do believe this sets it to the interface. Not positive but I did notice a difference in the units when first changing it till I closed C4D and re-opened it. Then again - I was messing with the scaling at the same time too, soo... either way it won't hurt to close it and re-open it.

Now your units will be displayed in what ever incremet you set it too.

Fore instance I choose inches for my project and scaled the project as such which is done in the Project Setting panel.
You can get to the Project settings panel a couple ways. But for the moment - just click the up arrow button in the lower right panel. The top panel is the Project settings panel.

There you will find the Project Scaling as shown below. It's default is Centimeters I believe, at least mine alway shows as Centimeters when first opening it. Below I scaled it to inches at 1 to 1.

And adding a primitive such as a Cube and you'll see the cube is now 200 inches instead of 200 meters or Centimeters or what ever...

Hope that helps, it does me as I know I'll probably forget given enough time again.

I also posted how to do this in Blender v2.6x as well.

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  1. Thank you so much. can you make a quick tips about how to do modelling a real scale world size?