Okay People -

I know many have been waiting for the update to chase's PTD Portable
 - it's uploaded and ready to be downloaded.

Many new Tutorials - - Episodes - Reference Pages - Publications
Basic Training - Intermediate and Advanced tutorials
Added Tutorials for a couple more Apps like Houdini and DAZ 3D
Added tons of links to the tuts already in the database.
Updated the Help files.
Added Images etc etc

There is two updates
- One for the Appplication itself and the other to the Database.

You need both files!

Follow the instructions!

If you never installed it - you still need both files.

Install instructions are in both files - it's pretty simple really.

Remember if you created your own movie database or tutorial database or whatever database.
Move them and their back-ups to a temp folder before you install the updates.

After you update - just put them back
Click yes to over write the default Movie database and back up with your movie database if you made one.

I'm working on a new database for Basic Training for all the current apps as well.
Mostly series tutorials that include all aspects of Basic Training for every app I can think of.

Depending on how far I get with it - I'll be including it with the next update next month
- first week in August.

Enough talk...

Get the updates on the Google site HERE

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