As mentioned in a previous post I would be uploading my Personal Tutorial Database soon.
Well it's uploaded.... and updated as of 6.15.2012
get it here:

Over 700 Tutorials and Quick tips.
I added instructions on how to Install and use it.
Still a Portable version but much easier for most than the first I uploaded.

Database version 06.14.12

Updates for 6/14/2012
  • - Revized Help section
  • - Deleted found duplicate
  • - Corrected incorrect Poster
  • - Some general tiddying up. 
What's New...
  • - Added 3 New Entries with info and URLS:
  • - Lightroom tips and Tricks Vol 1 - Free eBook
  • - Lightroom Tips and Tricks Vol 2 - Free eBook
  • - DigtalARtsPhotography - Grey Card Instructions - PDF/Static Page
  • - Added info and urls for around 30 existing entries
  • - Added some more Posters/Preview Images that were missing.
And of course this Database has been re-indexed and Optimized to reflect the changes.
Includes the backup in case you or it screws up.
This is a complete copy including the Portable PVD app as before.

- **** INSTALLING ****

If you downloaded the first uploaded version
Delete it completely - folders and all and install this one.
If you didn't install the previous version...

1) Extract the archive to the desktop
2) Copy "chase's PTD Portable" and the "Documents" folder to your USB Drive as is.
3) Open the chase's PTD Portable" folder and click the chase's PTD_Portable.exe to start the program
chase's PTD_Portable.exe should be located here:

- Drive Letter:\chase's PTD Portable\chase's PTD_Portable.exe

I also created a webpage on the site under the heading "PTD"

Future updated database download links will be hosted there.




  1. There is a newer version - check the "chase's PTD page for the updated links...