If you purchased FL Studio Signature Edition you know that since XXL Fl Studio no lonmger has a start-up splash logo that lets sets you apart from the Producer Edition. And not that it is a major big deal but it is kinda nice to know that you purchaced the "Signature Edition" not just the Producer Edition or any other edition they serve up. So... I set out to fix that small factor in life.

I'm sure I'm not the first to do so either but here are some digital chicken scratches I whipped up using the original artwork as a base.

I made about ten or so different versions and above are three I felt some might like. And if you do... yes you can download them and your Signature Edition will actually display Signature Edition on start up with a few simple steps.

I've added instructions on how to do so in the RAR file. along with the above preview image and the three Title.png files.

Download them here:

(596kb RAR file)

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