A quick update to concerning the 1913 Boys Mechanic Glider I mocked up in Cinema 4D R13.

In taking a closer look at the wiring of the model I noticed that there was some sort of glitch occurring in C4D. All the wires were flat. Hence I had to increase the size so they could be seen.

I created a separate wire using the same method as I had previously and it was fine. Checked all setting of those I already had in place and there was no notable difference in the settings or order. So I can't tell you what caused  this to occur. Nor could I fix it with the ones I had already made or recreate it.

Long story short I ended up deleting them all and rebuilding them. And yes it made a huge difference. I was able to drop the diameter considerably and they can still be seen. That and they are round not flat like a ribbon.

I rendered out a quick render - No Global Illumination or Ambient Occlusion - just a couple lights so you could check it out:

This is the before which you can see the problem pretty clearly showing up on the Tail Rudder:

And this is the after:

I also noticed a couple other glitches happening like the material for the cloth being reflective when it's matte.

As stated I don't know what caused all this to occur but it should be a simple fix to rebuild it.

And then I can start detailing it out. Adding the bolts and making the tie ends of the wiring. Adding in some high rez textures and cloth and other dynamics and effectors. There is a particular colision effector I've been wanting to try - and hopefully I can figure out how to use it with the cloth material.

For such a simple model - its good practice as I get to use a number of the new R13 features available.

An other thing I didn't mention in my previous post, was the hand grips are not on the original plans...
I could imagine flying this thing - with only two flat 2 inch wide wood boards to hold on to. No grips - no padding for your arms and an aquard grip at best. Considering you not only have to steer by sliding back and forth but you hanging onto these two boards is your only support to keep you in the dang thing!

I could imagine it could turn into a pretty wild ride if you lost grip or your elbow slipped off one of the arm supports. Fun for sure - but high risk no doubt. So I added in the grips.

Anyway- I'm going make one exactly as the plans call for and then a second with the mods like the grips and body supports, etc.

A note of interest is trying out different environments and things I've made and various camera pov's. This little model has proved a lot of fun in C4D so far including animating it though various environments and landscapes, especially last night as I flew it through a mountainous canyon layout I created a few weeks back and had been wonder what I was going to do with it. This is perfect for it.

 I'm not sure if C4D R13 does real world material weights and forces, I'd really like to simulate it with actual material weights - weight of the person - see a real world reaction to wind speeds shifted balance, etc
- I'll have to check if it can be done. That would be cool for sure.

gotta go -
I'll keep you posted on the progress.


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  1. Hi Chase, Why not include a leather or webbing strap between the front and rear spars, as a sling to sit in, like those fitted on later "Chanute" types from the 1920s. Also consider rudder/elevator control, as pitch can be controlled by weight shift easily, but roll and yaw are more difficult to control that way. Kev