I've been working on the S/V Kaarina for about 3 years off and on. Caring for her to some degree and mostly refinishing her varnish both interior and exterior. And along the way I've taken several what I would call and I'm sure other photogs would call - snap shots. Just to keep track of my work and the the work done on her really.

A couple weeks back the owner called me in to do some more interior work and one of the things I re-finished was a 10x13 Oak picture frame. The photo inside was badly fadded and I suggested that it be replaced. Well... he didn't want to at first but... once i mentioned I had a photo of him on the boat that may look nice in it. He was all for it... "Go ahead - Print it up and I'll pay you for it."

Remember the first time you ever sold a photo or your first digital print? Feels good - weird in a way - but good! Not so much the money- but the fact that someone actually wants the thing. They actually like it and would like to hang it on the wall.

I've had offers before to buy prints and sold a painting once... but never a photo or digi image as in this case.
Heck I wouldn't know what to charge for one in the first place and my usual response is a shrug of the shoulders and a verbal " You want it, you can have it"

And here I had another offer - straight up no bs - he wants it - he'll buy it. Just print it. Okay - so I went to a local Pro shop - Printed it up - put it in the frame and, I had to admit - It looked pretty good in that golden oak frame.
And even better against the darker teak.

So, I gave it to him... as a gift. I was just happy he was happy with it...

Now I know what your thinking, I didn't actually "sell it"... well, you're right in that regard.
I didn't get money for it... in the end. True enough.
But the print did sell itself... he liked it all on his own.
And the reward or return may not have been money.
But the reward to me was pretty dang good.
Besides it's my first digi print hanging on some elses wall.
Even if it is in the fore head on the back of the door.

It's on the wall in a frame I myself refinished on a door I re-finished.
Money is easy to make and more will come in the future I'm sure.
Who knows maybe someone will see it one day and want me to take a photo for them.
'But for the time being...
I'm happy some one liked something I did enough to actually put it on the wall.

It feels good - and that you can't take away from.

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