From the site originally but moved it here as I'm working on this again.
There were no tutorials I could find on the web at the time of this writing that I could find on
how to create a woven wire mesh or how to weave something in C4D, let alone R13.
So i struck out on my own and started experimenting hoping to figure it out by myself.

Cinema 4D is new to me and I to it, so... it's trial and error on this.
The below image is the first technique i tried to create the wire weave.
I used a Sine wave to create a 100cm x100cm square weave
Added a cloner to make the larger mesh.
And the result was what i would call a "loose wire weave"
It can be tightened up but i wanted to see how it reacted to dynamics
and scaling before going further

This first image is a result of three experiments or rather
one eXperiment and me playing around actually.
First i was trying to create a woven wire mesh as stated above.
Second I started playing with a Plane and messing around with textures
Third i started eXperimenting with textures and the sphere.

Anyhow back to the wire weave.
I played with it quite a bit.
I found it does well on a straight flat plane as you see it above
And i can see many uses for this style of creating woven wire
or woven wood planks. bamboo etc etc and i tried out a few.
(I render out some pics over the next couple days)
And I'll do more eXperimenting with it as is but..
Problems come into play with the way it's made when using dynamics
and/or trying to scale it and curved surfaces.
And though it makes for some cool Abstracts it's not what I'm looking for or need
So back to the drawing board.
I'll post more on this soon.

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