On a walk recently I found an Altiods Mint can in perfect shape along side the road. And my first thought was of making a mini amp or effect out of it for my guitar - so i saved it.

Altiods cans have been made into headphone amps - portable Guitar amps and Guitar Fx and Stomp boxes for the longest time. So I  thought i scour the net to see how to make one.

I found several good sites such DIY Altoid can Guitar amps, Fx and stomp boxes of all shapes and sizes, including Altoids can effects and amps.

Here's a great thread over at DIY Stomp Boxes forum with 3 pages of pictures of various Altoid can guitar effects with different tin cans mixed in.

I found one in particuar that had samples of what each  sounded like before and after a modification. Unfortunatly i can not find it again, if i do I'll post a link. I downloaded a few samples of the various boxes and thought, Gosh - I do have two Altoid type boxes

The second being my "After Pussy Mints" Altoid can seen below:

So my thinking was - "Why not toss one of the sound samples in FL Studio and see what a second effect would sound like with it?" That way I can get an idea of which two I'd like to build.
and that is just what I did.

I chose a sample played by Aron Nelson. In this original sample Aron Nelson is playing direct through a Shaka Express with a Marshall simulator:

Original SE_dir.mp3

In Fl Studio 10 - I widened the stereo to hear a little more of what the Shaka Express sounded like as well as added a tad of compression on the main channel.

Then tossed a Flanger in the side bus effects track - and this is what it sounds like.
ReMastered SE_dir.mp3

I left it somewhat raw with out any EQ to hear all the tones as well to allow you to hear the flanger emulator switching on an off.
Granted it's bright - very bright with some overtones i did not like
- but there are many mods to this effect on the web to pull out the highs and change the tone and brightness.
And I do like the cut and ranche it has.
I think you'll agree - the two together makes for a preetty ranchy sound.

I haven't desided which two yet effects to build - as i'm still looking around the web and listening to many examples. But when i do - I'lll post a sample.

In the mean time I posted are some usfull links in case you want to build your own.

- chase -

 A lot of guys are into this so there are plenty of sites but here are few external links to get you started:

DIY Stomp Boxes - (Arron Nelsons site apparently) adn be sure to check out his wiki pages!

Muzique  - Amz - Like DIYStomp Boxes - it's full of resources.

Free Stomp Boxes - a forum on all kinds of stomp boxes, effects etc

and Youtube has a bunch of vids on building them as well like this Ripple Distortion:

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