Coming back to the digital world after a couple years (since XP) to Win 10 and hearing about the 10k UHD displayed by BOE at CEATEC Japan 2015; and 8k QUHD monitors being released makes for a pleasant and inspiring return to the digital creative world. I love all these "new" advancements. I really like Windows 10 and Edge, I skipped over Win 7, didn't like 8 and didn't have to deal with 8.1 but for a week due to the upgrade to 10. I like the new software that's out there for creation for the most part. And now to read about these new monitors... wow!

BOE 82 inch 10K Display CEATEC Japan 2015
Photo credit: ID Magazine
BOE Display Booth CEATEC Japan 2015
photo credit: BOE

J-Display releases 17.3 inch 8K QUHD 120kHz Monitor
photo credit: J-Display (curtesy of NHK)

And with these improvements bring inquisitiveness on my part. Personally I wanted more info about such advancements, availability, etc, etc. Typical questions, just as I did about a couple years back about another unrelated subject.  And sure enough, just as before, in searching the internet on these displays what I found in my reading, was just a bunch of bashing going on about these displays and the quality advancement.

At the announcement of these display advancements, and I do mean with-in minutes that the press releases came out... out came the bashers and then came what I call "parrots" or in this case "parrot bashers" ie - (those that paraphrase without a clue, you know the type.)

The QUHD bashers hit on points like, "The eye can only see...", "the power requirements are too much..." "4K UHD is enough..." "I'll have to buy more hard drives for 8K video footage..." "I'll have to buy more GPU's for the displays..." and blah, blah, blah, whine whimper cry.

Bashing and giving every excuse and attempt to down grade higher quality advancements just like they did when Cameron stated he wanted to raise the bar on fps standards. Which btw, he gave sound reason for wanting to do so. Yet you heard the same fracking complaints from the advancement bashers. And what makes it worse are the parrot bashers who didn't have a fucking clue what they were talking about, chiming in as if they do.

One of the  reasons I happily left the digital creative world came when I made a simple inquiry at the max fps output of After Effects over on a forum, because I wanted to output either 120 or 240 fps and mentioned Cameron.  A simple question... deserves a simple answer. After all I had contributed to the forums, given things away on that forum and asked nothing in return.

But man, lol. You'd have thought I went there bashing the site, the people that ran it and AE by asking the question. The parrot bashers jumped in as well as a forum admin, who took the side of the parrots and band me from the forum. And these guys are your "Pro's". And the crazy thing is, Hard drives got bigger, faster and cheaper since. There went the storage issue... Monitors got higher refresh rates. And several Video Editing apps went the way of Cameron with higher fps outputs. Whether AE did or not, I don't know, I quit using it after that incident. Other apps were already there.

And the self proclaimed "Pro's" that bashed not only Cameron but myself on that particular forum when asked a simple question about the max fps rates of AE. Made complete idiots out of themselves and showed the world, they don't know their ass from a hole in the ground when it came to this subject.

Now that QUHD is out, as stated, we're immediately hearing the same technological advancement bashing going on. I for one am sick of the bashers and parrots found online.

So, I'm here to say... and you can quote me on this...
Fuck them!
Fuck the advancement bashers when it comes to higher quality. And double middle fingers up fuck the parrots who run around bashing the same by posting paraphrased crap like the little paraphrasing whinny ass bitches that they show they are.

As Marilyn Manson sang... "This is the new shit!" We like it and we want it.

The guys that are creating, and pushing boundaries to bring these advancements to us know all the pit falls that have to be overcome. They know power consumption will have to be decreased. They are all ready working on it. Rather than bashing the advancement, how about I wrap a newspaper 'round my head and show you how to do it right...

I'll feed you some Nostradamus goobaly goo - I foresee more energy efficient GPU's and 8K monitors in the future... oooOOOoo000... the masses eyes will adjust to a higher quality image... New zoom controls will be implemented in remotes... oooOOoooo000...  the new norm will be 8K and legacy comps will have 4K monitors.... ooooOOOooo... GoPro will have 8K recording capabilities...

The GPU and Monitor and other hardware manufactures are already figuring out what they need to do, just as the CPU manufacturers did and Memory manufacturers did as we needed more and more computing power to accommodate higher rez and intensive graphic creation. As the new higher rez monitors come out, each gen forthwith will probably get better... you think?

Don't bash it, Embrace it. This is a good thing. Bash the bad things.

I mean seriously, my fracking phone takes 4k video and runs a quad core and many are running octocores now as the norm. Cellphones are moving to 4K UHD... LOVE it! Finally I can use those Cardboard glasses without seeing pixels... and yet they bash 4K display screens with higher refresh rates on cellphones...? And they run on batteries... hmmm must have come up with lower power consumption... again, Yah think?

Think about it new tech bashers before you post... My/your cell phone is more powerful in many respects than the new laptop I just bought. You want to bash something, bash that! Why are Duo core comps still being made? My 15 year old desktop had a duo core... wtf! Why isn't 8 or 16 core the norm and higher end 32 core or more by now?

4K Laptops are just hitting the shelves in the US...why? Might as well skip 4K and go straight for the 8K... in the US anyway.

Japan intends on a broadcasting standard of 4K UHD and 8K QUHD by 2016 though I've read 8K QUHD in reality by 2020.

The rest of the tech world will get on board with this. If they don't I'll skip a couple gens till they do. It's as simple as that as far as I'm concerned. As far as creation they are on board, 8k cameras are made, ready to roll. And hardware advancements are happening at a pretty good clip.

I for one am excited about these advancements.
And you should be too. As a creator, or viewer of the creations. This is awesome.

For this is the new shit!
Do you want it?
Everybody rise up and admit!

And to charge you up a little more... a music video.


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