If you're into RC or Laptop repair. Or in my case many times - Frankensteining a Laptop or RC Heli or Quad. you always end up with pretty good supply of those tiny little screws and nuts, washers which can get lost easily let alone all mixed up together when storing them. Sure, I've tried the standard multi-compartment plastic cases you can get just about any where and they are great for the big stuff but not the real tiny stuff.

 Acouple days ago I found a viable solution thanks to the people that do "Beading" and "Glittering" over at the craft store. They have these cool flip top little boxes that are just perfect for RC and Laptop screws, nuts, bolts, and washers.

And come in a variety of sizes as seen below:

I picked up a couple Darice Bead Storage system with 24 1in flip top boxes for $4.99 at Michaels Arts and Crafts locally  (though the same set can be had for $2.99 at JoAnns Fabric and Craft Store at the time of this writing)
These bead boxes are perfect for those 2mm, 3mm, 4mm nuts, screws and especially the washers. What is really nice is once they are in there, you just flip the top open and dispense the washer, nut or screw or what have you like a Tic Tac! No Muss No Fuss!

And I found other much larger sets which might suit your need even better by Bead Storage Solutions Systems

Or individual boxes found at http://www.beadsbydee.com/Catalog/BeadStorage.html though I haven't bought from them yet. If you have - leave a comment on how the experience was.

That's all for this quicktip folks - grab a couple sets and I check off one less thing to worry about.

till next time,
Happy Rendering - in UHD of course!
~ chase ~

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